MODEL F-705 F-708
Dimensions(LxWxH)(mm)650 x 450 x 570
Gross Weight (kg)9.8
Liquid Tank (l)23(small) or 27(large)
Pump TransmissionHorizontal Gear
Cylinder (pc)2
Plunger (pc)1 (double acting)
Plunger Dia. (mm)16
Plunger Stroke (mm)8
Operation Pressure (kg/cm)20 ~ 25
Max. Spraying Volume (l/min)4.8 ~ 5.2
Engine (Mitsubishi)TL23TL26
HP/displacement (ps/cc)1.3/23.61.4/25.6
** Specifications subject to change without prior notice **
  • Employ horizontal gear transmitted pump, providing steady pressure up to 30kg/cm, submerged crankcase with good lubrication.
  • Employ double cylinder pump capable of performing at high working capacity. The pistons are heat treated and use special oil seal to provide high durability.
  • Employ two-stroke gasoline engine with electronic ignition; designed for easy operation and convenient maintenance care.
  • Applicable to paddy fields, orchards, vegetable garden, animal yards, chicken house, and etc.

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