The Major Exportation Of Taiwan's Flowers
The Introduction Of Taiwan Floricluture Exports Association
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    Situated in the west rim of the Pacific Ocean, Taiwan's climate is the combination of torrid zone and subtropical kinds. Taiwan is bisected by Tropic of cancer from center Taiwan. It is also benefited from the southern warming ocean stream. Those combination make it's weather hot,humid and rainy. About two-thirds of the island is covered with forested peaks, Taiwan presents a broad variety of climate characters which are the nature resources for nurturing plants and flowers. All these are the advantages for developing Taiwan's flowers industry.

    Flowers is one of the agricultural products which bears high economic value and potential exportation. Taiwan's flowers have been enhanced dramatically both in the variety and quality. Quantity has been remarkably increased as well. Recently, the planted areas of Taiwan's flowers have been extended. The official Taiwan Agricultural Annual Report (1995) indicated that in 1994, the flowers plantation areas are 9401 hectares, total production over US$27,000,000. Exportation values about 10% of the total production.

    Taiwan's flower industry is distinctively supported and valued by the government. Flower insiders have been invested tremendous capital in improving the equipments, materials and technologies. These investment made the production per unit very efficient. All the improvements represent the inspiring prosperity of Taiwan's flowers industry.

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