Tourism Development

Tourism has become more and more important in recent years due to rapid economic prosperity and continued improvement in living standards. In order to meet increasing needs, the government has been engaged in tourism development. Such development not only can provide more variety for leisure life, but also can enrich its content and help expand people's horizons.

In addition to opening five national parks, the government has also mapped out its medium and long term tourism development programs. The major objectives are (1) the planning and development of scenic spots, (2) the protection and utilization of tourism resources, and (3) the management of these tourist attractions.

In order to develop tourism and travel in Taiwan, the Provincial Government is continuing to organize the planning and construction of new scenic areas, the West Coast highway travel and leisure system, the Central Taiwan North south highway travel and leisure system, and hot spring scenic areas; to strengthen measures to ensure travel safety; to encourage counties and cities to set up tourism associations to strengthen tourism industry management and employee training; and to actively promote the healthy development of the domestic travel industry.

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