Initially, Taiwan was not an island; the land which is now the island of Taiwan formed an integral part of the Chinese mainland. It was only later that it became an island due to movement of the earth's crust. The study of Taiwan's historical heritage also confirms that close links have always existed between the cultures of Taiwan and continental China. In order to help both the people of Taiwan and visitors from overseas to better appreciate this common bond between Taiwan and the mainland and the hard-won success of Chinese settlers in opening up the province to Chinese culture, the Taiwan Provincial Government opened a display room in its Provincial Administration Information Hall dedicated to the history and culture of Taiwan. This exhibits materials related to the history and culture of Taiwan from the prehistoric period until after the retrocession in 1945, in the form of photographs, models, charts, maps, historical objects, multimedia displays and books, all arranged chronologically and with accompanying explanatory text. It is our sincere hope that this display may promote a sense of common heritage among the people of Taiwan and encourage positive steps towards the conservation of that heritage to the benefit of our nation, as well as furthering understanding of the Republic of China among overseas visitors.

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