Diligence, Probity, and Love for the Motherland.

The ROC government's diligent efforts for five decades on Taiwan, the bastion for national recovery, have resulted in the achievement of balanced and highly successful development in many different areas. The promotion and innovative developments in the Taiwan Provincial Government's current construction are designed to ensure its active engagement in areas closely linked to the public's well-being, in particular through providing the fast, efficient service which the public needs and expects, in order to establish our philosophy of "diligence, probity, and love for the motherland."

In order to reinforce and advance the Provincial Government's overall construction effort and promote our people's prosperity, while harmonizing with domestic and overseas political and economic trends and keeping pace with major national infrastructure projects and Taiwan's regional needs, the Taiwan Provincial Government is implementing innovative policies to better serve the public. Our development program currently focuses on the following objectives:

Implementing local autonomy, bolstering autonomous financial resources, enriching cultural development, raising the quality of education, enhancing public infrastructure, balancing urban and rural development, accelerating transportation development, building more public housing units, strengthening rural infrastructure, promoting farmers' livelihood, expanding social welfare, supporting disadvantaged groups, maintaining social order, creating a harmonious society, strengthening environmental protection, upgrading citizens' health, furthering smooth labor relations, ensuring worker safety, enhancing our quality of service, and practicing ethical and capable government.


Natural Environment


Economic Achievement

Land Reform and Utilization

Industry and Commerce

Transportation and Energy

Tourism Development

Finance and Taxation

Education Development

Educational and Cultural Development

Social Construction

Social Welfare

Labor Welfare

Health Care and Public Sanitation

Environmental Protection

Peace and Order

Living Standards

Improvement in Living Conditions

Source: Taiwan Provincial Administration Hall

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