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Figure 1 : Die-Casting Factory (Operating 350T Die-Casting Machine)

Having the facility of "Automatic Melt Supply System" like the advanced countries with a robot refilling the melting liquid automatically to each homlimesy dosing furnace.
The tolerance of the temperature of aluminum-melting is within

The quality and material of the cast are stable and heavy duty.
Every operation has auto die-casting system, and has the
best workmanship. Having ISO 9002 in progress.


procedure2.jpg (8712 bytes) Figure 2 : Operating Machine Center Miller

Using the CNC to control the machine [CNC lathe, and M/C(Machine Center Miller)}. Multi-processing completed in one.
Credible calculation, stable size, and best
workmanship to ensure finest quality.


procedure1.jpg (8032 bytes) Figure 3 : Assembly Factory (Pump Trail)

Having ISO to 9002 in progress. Before selling, every single pump is tested in clean, non-chemical water.
Every pump is tested under the
standard table. Pump pressure and spraying efficiency are tested. Those who are passed without any problem will be packed. The pump are definitely 100% tested to guarantee the finest quality.