Formosa Power Tiller

Power Tiller NT600G + PT105C (10.5HP)
The FORMOSA power tiller Cultivator is specially designed for use in both dry fields and paddy fields. It will save time, as well as labor.
A multi-purpose machine, it can be equipped with many accessories for many different uses.

Uses: Model NT G
Suitable for use in rice paddies, fields, vegetable gardens, tea fields, orchards, asparagus fields, sugarcane fields, tobacco plantations, flower gardens, and for cultivating, turning soil, weeding with a harrow, furrowing, mulching, topseeding, fertilizing, irrigating and spraying.

1. Strong power, sturdy construction, oil-saving, easy to start.
2. Fully enclosed lubrication system, vibration-proof, noise-proof, comfortable operation.
3. highly efficient gears; tough, durable shaft; stable mechanical structure.
4. Six forward speeds, two reverse speeds, suitable for use in many different operations.
5, Adjust, check & clean either the engine or its steering system. Can be done simply by working on a few bolts.

Power Tiller NT600T+PT80c(8HP)



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