HAW YANG Incubator Industrial Co., Ltd., a leader manufacturer of hatchery system with more than 18 years field experience in Taiwan is now focus on establishing a worldwide service network.

Haw Yang has always chosen to use the advanced technology to achieve maximum profitability of customers. Our aim is to maintain a products of the highest standard in terms of design, material, and workmanship. To improve hatchability, we constantly identify all aspects that may affect hatchability and chick quality, reviewing our design and wherever possible introducing new concepts that will contribute to the overall efficiency.

Every hatchery system is duly equipped with computerized temperature controller, pneumatic egg turning system, auto-pneumatic exhausted ventilation, and humidity maintenance atomizer, to ensure Haw Yang hatchery equipment with the most efficient utilization of labor, energy, and operation.

The equipment and service offered by Haw Yang will improve the efficiency, lower the production cost and labors. We shall continue to sell our best-valued machine without sacrifice the effect of investment, thereby enabling hatcheries to create profitability for a long run.

Haw Yang realize the control system is essential aspect of the incubation process. Every setter and hatcher from Haw Yang provide precautions for over-temp and under-temp protection to prevent the risk of any accidents.

Three control systems are available to suit your budget requirement:

  1. Central computerized system:

  2. Computerized temperature and humidity P.I.D. Auto-tune control with RS-485 communication provide process monitoring as data logging, real time data display, historical trend graph, etc.... that guarantee the highest standard performance.

  3. Electronic control system:

  4. Computer-based controller provides two independent alarms to ensure the long-term total protection.

  5. Traditional glass thermo-controller:

  6. Economical glass thermo-controller and dry-wet bulb humi-controller provide budget tight yet reliable control system for long-lasting operation.
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