Scale-type Fruit Sorter

Model FK-92

  1. Able to sort the rank of different kinds of fruits, vegetables, etc. by weight.
  2. Suitable for Pears, Apples, Persimmons, Peaches, Oranges, Onions, Carrots, Mellons, Meat, Shellfish, etc.
    Its multi-use is in line with economical, practical and marketable.
  3. This machine is small with unique design and convenient to move it one place after the other.
HP. Required: 1/4 HP X 1 (110V-220V Electric Motor)
Degrees of Sorting: 6 degress by weight.
Sorting Range: 30 ~ 600 Gr, Error ±1%
Capacity of sorting: 6,000 ~ 6,500 pcs/hour. (Peach, pear, Apple)
Movable Scales: 6 degress/35 sets, 9 degress/46 sets.
Fixed Measuring Devices: 6 degress/5 sets, 9 degress/8sets.



  1. Special design for screen scale onto the different kindss of fruits,
  2. Turn a box of fruits into the trough, one by one of the fruit could be conveyed well at a work automatically.
  3. Be of professional design, small sel-conveyance and convenience to move it.
    Be popular with the orchardist cicle.
  4. Conveyance capacity: 6000 ~ 6500 per/hour.
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