Pneumatic Box-sealing Machine

Model FK-110

Model FK-110


  1. Special designed automatic machine for handling the box-sealing. Various sizes of boxes are easily to be sealed.
  2. It is high efficient with firmsealing operation, and labor saving, suitable for the agricultural processing and manufacturing industry.


  1. 253cm x 180cm x 123cm
  2. HP required: 1HP x 1; 1/4 HP x 1
  3. VOltage: 110V/200V
  4. Air compressor: 88L
  5. Gross Weight: 240kg
  6. Working capacity:
    5-Layers paper boxes: 700pcs/hr.
    2-Layers paper boxes: 1000pcs/hr.

特 點 ﹕

  1. 專為裝箱作業所設計之自動封箱機。
  2. 大小紙箱均能封底封箱作業。
  3. 釘箱紮實、快速、節省人力、農業產銷、製造業、外銷廠商指定使用。

機 械 規 格﹕

  1. 長 250cm, 寬 180cm, 高 123cm
  2. 馬力﹕1HP x 1, 1/4HP x 1
  3. 電壓﹕110V/220V
  4. 空壓桶﹕88 公升
  5. 重量﹕240 公斤
  6. 工作效率﹕
    五層裝紙箱 700只/1小時
    二層裝紙箱 1000只/1小時
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