Rural Living Environment

38. The government devotes a lot of attention to improving the rural living environment. Significant improvements have been made in medical care, transportation, community surroundings and infrastructure. The government also provides long term low interest loans for renovation and construction of farmhouses.

39. To improve rural living standards, the government undertakes integrated planning with the village as the basic unit and implements the plans in a phased, year by year manner. Rural areas of exceptional beauty are selected to become areas for "recreational farms. " The goal is to achieve diversified use of farmland and boost the rural economy.

40. To improve cultural life in rural areas, the government is encouraging local communities to come up with their own cultural models. The idea is to use rural classrooms, the mass media and native culture to get farmers to willingly and actively participate in culture and to give play to the special features of rural customs and traditions. The government is especially concerned about the rural elderly's quality of life, and is supporting in the establishment of mutual aid groups, health care services, educational and recreational activities, utilization of elderly manpower is emphasized.

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