30. Taiwan's current forestry policy is to give equal attention to conservation and to rational use. On one hand, large areas have been reforested or conserved, so that future generations can still enjoy this precious resource. On the other, multipurpose management is employed to satisfy the many different demands society makes on forests.

31. Lumbering is strictly controlled in national forests, and none is allowed in natural forests. Reforestation is being undertaken to develop superior timber resources. The government also encourages reforestation on private land and farmland to improve domestic timber supplies and enhance the quality of the environment.

32. Multiple-purpose use of forests is aimed at sustainable use and the public good. Objectives include conservation of soil and water supply of wood resources, recreation area, nature education and protection of wildlife habitats.

33. Wood processing is the downstream part of forestry. Plywood was once alongside textiles and electronics as a leading export from Taiwan. Today, the most valuable product is household furniture. Bamboo is ample, and products are increasingly refined and aesthetically pleasing. And bamboo shoots are a healthy food item that sell well at home and abroad.

34. As a result of rapid economic growth and population increases, some slope land has been opened up for use. Over the years, soil and water conservation programs have proved effective at limiting damage, while overall planning and flood control has reduced mud slides and flooding.

35. Nature and wildlife conservation, though a relatively new concept, has received serious attention throughout society. One example has been the success in saving the landlocked Formosa salmon from extinction. Other projects include planning for nature reserves and wildlife refuges, habitat surveys of rare species, and educational campaigns. Since the promnlgation of the Wildlife Conservation Law, city and county governments have established wildlife police forces to implement the law and catch offenders, while customs officials have cooperated to block smuggling of endangered species.

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