Animal Husbandry Industry

19. Meat output has increased tenfold since1952. Livestock now accounts for over one third of the total agricultural production value. Private poultry farms are increasingly large scale and commercialized, making a major contribution to nutrition.

20. Hog raising is no longer just a sideline, and is also now a major enterprise. The industry has made great improvements in breeding, raising and quality. Hogs have already replaced rice as the top value agricultural product in Taiwan. The problem is that the industry has also generated a lot of waste. So now the government is guiding the industry in installing waste treatment facilities: 80 % of operations raising 200 or more hogs have already completed installation.

21. Electrified slaughtering has become a standard practice. Processing and storage meet high standards for sanitation and health. Frozen pork is exported in large volumes, mostly to Japan.

22. In recent years the government has also been promoting electrified slaughtering for poultry as well: 23 such sites have already been set up, handling 280,000 animals a day, or 40 % of total consumption. This industry will continue to grow, and recently the Taiwan Provincial Government has added electrified slaughtering facilities in the northern, central and southern parts of the island.

23. In recent years, hoping to increase efficiency in the dairy industry, the government has established two technical service teams and 22 demonstration farms. These assist with technical integration and specialized guidance to lower production costs and raise quality. To strengthen the industry, 89 production teams and 15 friendship associations have been set up according to districts or processing factories to collect data on production and marketing and to assist in training and promotion of government programs.

24. To promote the healthy development of the animal husbandry industry, the government has established an integrated disease prevention system and oversees production and use of veterinary medication. There is also heightened inspection of imported meat. These measures should lead to healthier, safer meat products for our people.

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