Rural Organization

41. Farmers' Associations and Fishermen's Associations are the most important rural organizations in Taiwan. They provide such services as extension, marketing, banking, credit and insurance. They assist the government in carrying out all types of rural development projects. Agriculture Cooperatives & Cooperative Farms are professional cooperative organizations for agriculture, forestry, fishery and stock raising. They supply agricultural materials, and process and market agricultural products for farmers. The government is positively guiding each farmers' organization to expand its scale and strengthen overall planning.

42. Cooperative marketing is one of the most important marketing policies pushed by the government. Besides cutting out the middle man, it also looks out for consumers' interests. Wholesale markets are the linchpins of the marketing process, and with electronic auctioning, pricing is open and fair, so everybody wins.

43. Low interest loans offered by the government are of great help to the farming and fishing sectors. These are run through farmers' associations, fishermen's associations and agricultural banks. These help young farm entrepreneurs develop careers, buy land to enlarge farming scale, purchase machines and automation equipment to improve productivity, prevent and control livestock pollution and restore production after natural disasters.

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